12 Monthly Challenges to Get Your Kids Excited About Social Emotional Learning!

5 minutes a day.

That's all it takes to get your kids tapping into their inner thoughts and feelings. Learning to navigate social situations. And becoming aware of their impact on others.

It's a small daily habit that has ripple effects throughout their day, week, month and year.

It helps build empathy, compassion, and resilience when life gets tough.

It reduces stress, anxiety and frustration.

And it's a fun, simple way to build relationships with friends!

To help your kids on this journey, we've designed a series of 30-day social emotional learning challenges you can print out and start using right away.

A Different Challenge for Every Month of the Year

Each challenge includes 30 short tasks grouped around a single theme. All designed to get kids thinking, feeling and connecting with others.

Self Awareness

Month 1

Self Regulation

Month 2

Social Awareness

Month 3

Relationship Skills

Month 4

Responsible Decision Making

Month 5


Month 6


Month 7


Month 8

Positive Thinking

Month 9

Self Compassion

Month 10

Growth Mindset

Month 11

Goal Setting

Month 12

Each Challenge Comes on a Printable 1-Page Checklist

Print as many copies as you need for your school, organization or family.

So Many Fun Ways to Use

Perfect for teachers, school counselors, parents, coaches, after-school program leaders, or anyone who works with kids.

Monthly Challenge

Hand out a copy of the challenge to each student and have them complete one task per day for an entire month.

Classroom Conversations

Use the challenges as a daily prompt for classroom discussions, encouraging students to share their thoughts and feelings.

Family Bonding Time

Families can work on the tasks together at home, fostering a shared understanding and deeper emotional connections.

Daily Journaling

The tasks can serve as a prompt for personal journaling, allowing kids to reflect on their thoughts, feelings, and growth.

Morning Kickstart

Incorporate the challenges into morning routines, setting a positive tone for the day.

Homework Assignments

Teachers can assign the tasks as homework, promoting learning and development outside the classroom.

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Inspire and Empower

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