Bring SEL To Life With This New "Print & Play" Bingo Game!

Engage Your Kids in Class. Build Hearts and Minds. Grow, Connect, and Smile Together!

Are you looking for a fun way to weave social emotional learning into your classroom activities?

Enter SEL Bingo!

This is more than just a game. It's a powerful tool that paves the way for social emotional growth.

Your students will dive into conversations about self-awareness, self-regulation, social awareness, interpersonal skills and responsible decision making.

While having tons of fun with their classmates and friends.

Best of all, it's 100% printable and super easy to play!

Print out one Bingo Card per player

The packet includes 35 unique Bingo Cards. Print as many as you need for your group.

Read an SEL Skill off the Call Sheet

Choose from 35 different SEL skills, including self-esteem, kindness, empathy, and growth mindset. 

Players mark the skills on their Bingo Card

First player to get five in a row wins!

Bingo with an SEL Twist

Easy to set up and super-fun to play. Empower your kids with vital life skills and build a more caring classroom community.

Here's Everything That's Included

The SEL Bingo Packet includes everything you need to start playing right away. All you need is a printer and 5 minutes to prep!

Simple Instructions

Get started right away with clear, concise directions for teachers and students alike.

30 Unique Bingo Cards

Each student gets a distinct bingo card, enhancing engagement and participation.

Printable Call Sheets

Includes 35 different SEL skills with discussion and activity prompts.

Printable Bingo Chips

Easy-to-print bingo chips provide a convenient, cost-effective game component.

Winner's Certificate

Reward students with a certificate that celebrates their SEL learning achievement.

Quick Game Variation

For younger kids, we've included a "quick game" variation that's faster and easier to play.

Limited Time Bonus Gift!

Black & White Coloring Pages

If you're one of the first 500 people to order this month, we'll also give you 30 black & white bingo cards in a coloring page format! These are great as an ink-saving solution or for a coloring activity!

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"I love SEL Power Pack. These are such wonderful resources. The materials are beautiful, easy to use, and ready to go. I recommend this to any teacher. It will make a difference in your classroom without creating a ton of work for you."

Brandi Lynn Fox

Teacher, Greenwood SC

Students Have Fun While Learning SEL Skills

"I recommend SEL power pack for students K-5th to have fun while also learning important social/emotional skills. These are fun for all ages and keep them engaged in learning."

Annie Tucker

Elementary School Counselor, Wichita KS

Helps Create Happy Healthy Humans!

"A great supplement to teaching my students accurate language for creating happy healthy humans! This is the first step for creating trauma informed classrooms and communities!"

Felicia Chew

Teacher, Tucson AZ

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Inspire Your Kids

Help your kids to develop the skills they'll need to achieve their hopes and dreams.

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Full Package Includes

SEL Bingo: Printable Social Emotional Learning Game
30 Bingo Cards, Call Sheets, Printable Chips, Winner's Certificate and Quick Game Variation
BONUS: Extended License - Print as Many Copies as You Need  ($49 Value)
BONUS: 30 Black & White Coloring Pages ($19 Value)
Recommended for Ages 6-14
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