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Building Positive Relationships


5 step by step lesson plans to equip students with the social and emotional skills needed to build positive relationships. Featured lessons include: The Community Web, Listening Superpowers, Emotion Detectives, Building Bridges, and Friendship Tree.


Cultivating Social Skills


5 step by step lesson plans specially tailored to teach vital social skills. Featured lessons include: Embracing our Differences, Communication, Empathy, Friendship Building and Conflict Resolution.


Building a Growth Mindset


5 step by step lesson plans to help kids understand dedication, embrace challenges, encourage positive self-talk and thrive. Featured lessons include Embracing Challenges, The Power of "Yet," The Brain is a Muscle, Positive Self Talk, and Setting SMART Goals.


Expressing Gratitude


5 step by step lesson plans to reinforce a deeper emotional intelligence, enhance well-being, and help kids understand and practice gratitude. Featured lessons include What is Gratitude, Gratitude Jar, Thank You Letters, Everyday Gratitude, Community Gratitude.


Empathy: Building Bridges of Understanding


5 step by step lesson plans to help kids recognize and understand the emotions of others. Featured lessons include The Colors of Emotion, Empathetic Ears/Kind Words, Walk In My Shoes, We're More Alike Than Different, The Empathy Circle.

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