Confidence Toolkit

20 Printable Worksheets

Confidence. It's the feeling we get when we believe in ourselves. It helps us try new things, face challenges, and trust in our ability to succeed. 

At its core, confidence is believing you can do what you set your mind to.

With confidence, we can make friends, share our thoughts, and be proud of who we are.

That's why we created this brand new Confidence Toolkit

Inside, you'll find 19 turn-key activities for Kindergarten to 6th Grade. From puzzles, to journal prompts, printable crafts and coloring sheets. 

This resource is jam-packed with fun, kid-friendly activities that are guaranteed to captivate your kids.

Best of all, you get instant access. So you can download the PDFs, print as many copies as you need and start empowering your students today!

Here's What's Included 

Confidence Toolkit is filled with 19 printable worksheets for K-6. Making it fun and easy to help your kids build confidence, self-esteem and resilience.

Journal Prompts

Interactive tasks combining writing and drawing to explore confidence concepts in a fun, engaging way. Includes My Own Best Friend, Speak Up!  Learning Assertiveness, Sunshine Seeker and more.


Brain-teasing puzzles that reinforce confidence principles, making learning both challenging and enjoyable. Includes Word Search, Crossword, Maze, Secret Message Puzzle and more.


Creative, hands-on projects to visually illustrate and deepen your students' understanding. Includes the Growth Mindset 3D Rainbow and Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset craft.


Exciting activities designed to push boundaries and encourage kids to embrace new experiences. Includes the 5-Day Confidence Challenge and 30 Day Confidence Habit Tracker.

 Coloring Sheets

Relaxing coloring activities that serve as visual reminders of self-esteem and confidence principles. Works great for quiet time or calm-down corner.

Teacher Resources

Includes an answer key, educator guide, and completion certificates for stress-free implementation - in class or at home.

So Many Fun Ways to Use

Perfect for teachers, school counselors, parents, coaches, after-school program leaders, or anyone who works with kids.

SEL Integration

Easily integrates with your existing Social Emotional Learning program. Or use the sheets on their own!

Team Building

Assign crafts and puzzles as group activities, fostering teamwork and collective problem-solving skills.

Morning Kickstart

Incorporate with your morning routine, setting a positive tone for the day.

Early Arrivers & Fast Finishers

Assign projects to students to keep them engaged during downtime.

Classroom Conversations

Use the activities as a jump-off point for discussions on overcoming challenges and embracing mistakes.

Homework Assignments

Hand out the worksheets to do at home, promoting learning and development outside the classroom.

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Empower Your Students

Help your kids develop the skills they'll need to achieve their hopes and dreams.

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