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Hard Copy 14" x 22" Poster
Ultra-thick Cardstock Paper with Matte Coating
7 Different Emotions Illustrated with Emojis
Suggested Coping Strategies for Kids
Helps Kids Identify, Understand and Manage Their Feelings in a Positive Way

Available in USA only

Why You'll Love This Poster

Colorful Emotional Roadmap

Hang this vivid poster in classrooms, hallways, or homes to constantly remind kids of the emotions they may feel and how to navigate them.

Foster Constructive Conversations

Use the feelings thermometer to spark meaningful discussions about emotions, understanding oneself, and coping strategies.

Boost Morning Meetings

Begin your day by inviting students to identify and discuss the emotion they resonate with most during your morning gathering.

Journaling Inspiration

Select an emotion from the poster each day and prompt students to write or draw about their experiences or thoughts related to it.

Deepen Emotional Understanding

Encourage kids to dive deeper into their feelings, exploring the nuances and learning positive ways to handle them.

Engage with Parents

Share the poster with parents or guardians, showcasing how emotional literacy is integrated into everyday learning and activities.

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Feelings Thermometer Worksheets

Your order also includes a FREE digital copy of our Feelings Thermometer Worksheets. You'll get 16 pages of printable handouts to help kids identify, understand and manage their emotions. 

They'll draw self-portraits, complete comic strips, and complete interactive exercises to help improve their coping skills.

You'll also get a free coloring sheet so kids can customize the Feelings Thermometer with their favorite colors. Print as many as you need for your personal or classroom use.

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