Unleash the Power of Gratitude in Your Classroom!

Our Printable Gratitude Bulletin Board Kit Helps Reinforce a Deeper Emotional Intelligence, Enhance Well-Being, and Help Kids Understand and Practice Gratitude

It's a challenge every educator faces: How to teach your students the practice of acknowledging and appreciating the positive aspects of life?

By emphasizing the value of gratitude, students are encouraged to cultivate a positive mindset, acknowledge gratitude around them, and use this as a foundation for well-being.

That's where our Gratitude Bulletin Board Kit steps in. It's crafted to introduce the principles of gratitude to your students, inspiring them to recognize the good in their lives and in others.

Best of all - the kit is 100% printable and ready for instant download. So you can get instant access and start inspiring your students today!

Here's How It Works

Print the Pieces

Download the entire kit in PDF format. Access the carefully designed elements and print them out. We've provided full color versions and black and white versions (which look great on colored paper).

Cut Them Out

Use scissors to shape each element as needed. Do it yourself or have your students participate.

Decorate Your Space:

Arrange and affix the pieces to your bulletin board or classroom wall, turning it into a vibrant hub of learning. Swap in new materials to give your students fresh inspiration.

Here's What's Included

Includes two options for each element within the kit: a vibrant full-color version, and an ink-conserving black and white version, which looks fantastic when printed on colored paper. So you can customize the look of your bulletin board any way you choose!

Bulletin Board Borders

Patterns that you can print, cut, and arrange around the perimeter of your bulletin board to give it a polished, framed appearance.

Character Focus

Display the letters to create a section titled “Character Focus” on your board. Then, under this heading, display the word “Gratitude" and accompany it with our kid-friendly definition. 

Weekly Wisdom

Create a “Weekly Wisdom” section by displaying the provided letters - 5 different inspiring quotes related to teamwork. Switch them out week by week to keep the content fresh. Integrate these quotes into your daily
teaching by initiating discussions or writing activities.  

Encourage students to share their thoughts on the quote, or ask them to write a brief reflection on how they can apply the wisdom in their own lives.

Power Words

Set up a “Power Words” section with the provided letters - positive affirmations to encourage students to practice and adopt empowering beliefs. 

Weekly Challenge

Gratitude-related tasks for students to accomplish each week. 

So Many Fun Ways to Use

Perfect for teachers, counselors, parents or after school coordinators.

Morning Meetings

Start each day with a focus on the "Power Words" or "Weekly Wisdom," setting a positive tone for the day and initiating discussions or reflections.

School Entryways or Common Areas

Set up the bulletin board where all students can see, making SEL a school-wide focus and encouraging everyone to participate in challenges or reflect on the wisdom shared.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Display the board prominently during meetings to showcase the class's commitment to SEL, letting parents visually understand the values being emphasized.

School Counselor's Office

A great tool for one-on-one or group sessions, helping students connect with key values and principles when discussing their feelings or experiences.

Classroom Spotlight

Use the board to shine a light on "Teamwork Champions" - students who've gone above and beyond demonstrating the values expressed in the quotes, challenges or power words.

Library or Reading Corners

Integrate the board within reading areas, aligning the theme with stories or books that emphasize similar values, promoting discussions or reading recommendations.

 Quick! Before Time Runs Out

Full Package Includes

Gratitude-Themed Printable SEL Bulletin Board Kit
Character Focus, Weekly Wisdom, Power Words and Weekly Challenge sections. Includes new quotes, affirmations and tasks to keep your bulletin board fresh.
Color and Black & White versions
BONUS: Extended License - Print as Many Copies as You Need  ($49 Value)
Recommended for Kindergarten to 6th Grade
100% Digital - Get Access Just 30 Seconds From Now

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