52 Printable Journal Sheets to Inspire Social Emotional Learning

Have you ever wished for a simple, fun way to bring the power of social emotional learning into your classroom?

Our SEL Journal Prompts have you covered.

Inside, you'll find 52 printable worksheets to help kids dive into the heart of empathy, kindness and personal growth.

Here's the best part - our exclusive journal "cheat sheets" are packed with discussion starters, curriculum integration ideas and differentiation tips. 

Showing you exactly how to introduce each prompt and use it to engage and inspire your kids!

Take a Look

Each journal sheet has a thought-provoking question that helps kids reflect on their emotions and experiences. Making it easy to bring SEL concepts to life. 

Here's What's Included

Our SEL Journal Prompts make it super easy to promote self awareness, self regulation, social awareness, interpersonal skills and responsible decision making. For a happier, more supportive, and more productive classroom environment.

The worksheets are divided into 12 categories - each one a foundational theme of social-emotional learning.

Goal Setting
Growth Mindset
Positive Thinking
Knowing Myself
Social Smarts
Smart Choices

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Included everything you need to get started right away: kid-friendly explanations, discussion starters, curriculum integration ideas, and differentiation tips.

So Many Fun Ways to Use

Perfect for teachers, school counselors, parents, coaches, after-school program leaders, or anyone who works with kids.

Easy Integration

Use the journal prompts on their own or as part of your SEL curriculum.

Homework Boost

Assign journal prompts to reinforce classroom teachings at home.

Weekly Wrap Up

Finish the week with a journal session to reflect on personal growth.

Creative Projects

Turn responses into art, drama, or digital storytelling projects.

Family Bonding

Spark meaningful conversations about character and values at home.

Counseling Icebreaker

Start counseling sessions with a short journal prompt to ease into discussions.

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Help your kids to develop the skills they'll need to achieve their hopes and dreams.

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SEL Journal Prompts: 52 Printable Worksheets to Inspire Social Emotional Learning 
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