10 All-New Teamwork Games to Boost Communication, Trust and Unity! 

SEL Meets Fun and Friendship! Discover Simple Ways to Harness the Power of Play, Build Classroom Connections and Promote Team Spirit.

Every educator knows the challenge: students in the same class, yet worlds apart.

But what if there was a way to bridge these gaps, not with lectures, but with laughter and play?

That's why we created this brand new resource, packed with 10 exciting teamwork games you can use in with kids of all ages.

Each game is designed to bring students together, and make communication, trust, and unity the highlights of the day.

Best of all - the games are 100% printable and ready for instant download. So you can get instant access and start inspiring your students today!

Team-Based Activities to Boost Social and Emotional Skills

Each game caters to a wide range of age groups and promote various
aspects of Social and Emotional Learning.

Human Knot

Communication & Cooperation

Team Charades

Collaboration and Empathy

Marshmallow and Spaghetti Tower

Creative Problem-Solving

Team Scavenger Hunt

Collaboration and Problem-Solving

Balloon Tower

Teamwork and Communication

Human Machine

Teamwork and Creativity

Group Drawing

Communication and Patience

Perfect Square

Teamwork and Patience

Hula Hoop Pass

Trust and Cooperation

Team Minefield

Trust and Communication

Each Game Comes on a Printable 1-Page Instruction Sheet

Print as many copies as you need for your school, organization or family.

Easy to Set Up. Super Fun to Play.

Each game is broken down with simple step by step instructions and illustrations showing you exactly what to do. You can print out the games you need or teach directly from your mobile device. Perfect for experienced teachers, total newbies, or anyone in between.

Fun & Friendship

Each game is designed to get your kids communicating, collaborating and having tons of fun.

No Special Equipment 

All you need is a group of kids and some common classroom items!

10-30 Minute Activities

Fast and easy to set up. Use for a morning meeting, quick "brain break" or an entire learning session.

Kindergarten to 8th Grade

Kids of all ages love these games.

Indoors or Outdoors

Play inside a classroom, a gym, or outside on the playground or field.

Small or Large Groups

Works with groups of 5 to 105 kids.

Here's How It Works

Captivate and engage your students with these games starting today!

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